Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shoe store fun

When I am not teaching, sewing, selling fabric, doing farm chores, or chasing after the little one I work part time at a shoe store - just a day a week during the summers. It is a dangerous place because I LOVE shoes and I get an employee discount.

The shoe store I work at sells European comfort shoes - Danskos, Romikas, and Birkenstocks are a few of my favorites. Last year a couple of students asked how many different pairs of clogs I owned. I actually don't have that many...mostly because I don't have that big of a closet.

Last week when I worked I told myself that I wouldn't buy any shoes - I should have made that same vow when I left the house today. I fell in love with a lovely Mary Jane style shoe by Romika named the Milla. It should be here in a couple weeks - can't wait.


  1. Shoes are a girl's best friend! :)

  2. Shoes & handbags.. my weakness! Can't wait to see your new finds!