Thursday, July 16, 2009

Amy Butler's Swing Bag - finished!

The other day I blogged about the great deal I found on an Amy Butler Swing Bag Pattern. Today I made it a priority to make one. I decided to use two fabrics from Joel Dewberry's retired Manzanita Collection.

The good - pattern is very easy to follow, only a few pieces, quick to put together, doesn't take much fabric, reversible

The bad - I had a hard time making turns while sewing because of the canvas layer

Next time - Next time I think that I will use an interfacing and see how it turns out. While I like the fact that the canvas layer makes the bag more sturdy feeling, it was a bit difficult to work with (could just be my inexperience with canvas). For this bag I left off the bow but I may make one later tonight because it does add a bit of style to an otherwise simple bag.

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