Monday, July 20, 2009

Jumping Cow

This morning I thought I would get up and enjoy a nice iced soy mocha with a touch of almond flavor while I waited for my little one to wake up. I was just taking a glass out of the cabinet when I got a call from my husband who was on his way to work. Apparently he had just received a phone call from one of our neighbors who wanted to let us know one of our cows was out. I knew which cow it was right away - we have one that occasionally jumps the fence to see if there is anything interesting on the other side. Our hope was that as this cow grew he would no longer be able to clear the fence, I really don't know how he does it!

Since my husband commutes about 45 minutes it wasn't possible for him to turn around and come home to deal with the cow. Chasing a cow with a 2 year old isn't the best plan but lucky for me we have GREAT neighbors. They were able to send one of their farm hands to get the cow back in the field.

And the best little one is still sleeping and I can enjoy my coffee!


  1. Annoying as the cow chasing must have been, I'm glad to hear that in the end you still got to relax and enjoy your coffee!

  2. I love me some good neighbors! That's so awesome you have cows-- some day I want some cows of my own!

  3. For some reason, the mental image of a cow jumping over a fence amazes me and makes me crack up.
    What an escape artist! hahaha.

  4. LOL! That is too funny. I'm a city girl and love all things cow, but probably wouldn't actually want a real one. And who knew they could jump?