Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cowboy Boot Fabric, hmm...

I grew up in a very rural, very small Eastern Oregon town. A town where there are still real cowboys who work on cattle ranches. Cowboy boots are nothing new to me but because I lived in town I never saw the need for them. When my husband and I moved onto our farm a few years ago I bought a pair of cowboy boots because they make sense.

My daughter turned two last week and one of her grandmothers bought her a pair of wonderful pink and brown cowboy boots - the real thing, no dress up boots in this house! She hasn't taken them off - they are the first thing she puts on in the morning and I have to pry them off at bedtime.

While I have seen cowboy boot fabric I haven't paid that close of attention to it because it just wasn't something that I thought I would need - not really my style I guess. Seeing how much my little one loves her cowboy boots I think that I need to find the perfect Western fabric so that I can make her a little purse or skirt to go with those amazing boots. Wish me luck on my searches!

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