Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun on the Farm

While reading through other blogs and contemplating this blog I have decided to share a bit about farm life.

When dogs met skunk....

Last week we were in the barn looking at pigs when our dogs started barking. As my husband went toward them to see what they were so upset about - he quickly turned around. The dogs had cornered a skunk. Not good. We told our two year old that the dogs were smelly and not to pet them. She started calling them "pooey doggies."

This week the dogs smell a little less but my daughter is still telling everyone we meet that the dogs are poo. I don't think that they learned anything but I am hoping for no more skunks for a while.

Farm life is never boring! If I ever design a line of fabric I will be sure to include some skunks, so cute yet such a bad smell.


  1. There are sometimes random skunks that wander around the city and parks here... very stinky. Apparently bathing pets in tomato juice is supposed to get the smell out?

  2. lol At least the stink is wearing off!

  3. Such a cute story. Lived on a farm when I was very young... never a dull moment. I'm sure you have many stories.

  4. I love farm life! I love hearing about it! I can't wait to hear more! I love this post!